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Here is a two minute spot created for Chipotl√©. If you follow the Egotist at all, you know that local Denver creatives are not stoked on the semi-recent brand direction of Chipotl√©. They seemed to have gone from a grassroots, straight forward image (think Silver Bullet ads) to a still simple, but ubiquitous style of southwestern style cuisine establishments. For this spot, however, they have chosen to send the message of using natural ingredients, specifically the meat.. the way it used to be and should be. Plus Willie Nelson provides the music. If you don’t like Willie, just leave! (via Denver Egotist)


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The Real 100th Post!

It’s finally here! I apologize again for the extremely long delay. So as promised, this post features the work of some very talented people, many of which we at NT know personally, and some of which we would like to know more personally. I would like to thank everyone that submitted work, as well as everyone whose work that I drug on to my desktop for this post; it was done in admiration. I also apologize to anyone who I may have forgotten to get work from. So, to make a long story longer, make the jump to see A LOT of awesome work!

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Art of the Grid

Art of the Grid is a really awesome project by Astrid Stavro that focuses on the importance of grids in not only design, but everyday life. The original Grid-It! line of notebooks was developed with Birgit Pfisterer as their final project for the MA in Communication Art & Design at The Royal College of Art, and they are currently available worldwide.

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Siamese Heads

One of the many witty pieces from Siamese Heads Creative Team

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The poetry of a foot print

The poetic work of Eben Goff.

Via but does it float

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WAFA Collective AKA We Are Fucking Awesome Collective is true to their name. A collective of artists, poets, musicians and designers living across North America and Europe. Definitely worth a few clicks.

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Redesigning BP’s Logo

Here are some clever BP logo redesigns. Sadly enough, they are much more acurate than the current logo for the earth-destroying money mongering BP. (via Eric Heiman)

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