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100 Years of Railroad Logos

Here’s a cool post from “International Designer,” Christian Annyas, featuring the evolution of railroad company logos from the past 100+ years.


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Lost Type Co-op

Lost Type Co-op is an awesome idea and new organization that offers typefaces at a “pay-what-you-want” price rate. All proceeds go directly to the designers, which is really cool. The site is also a nicely designed treat. Check it out!

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This might be a saying a lot, but André Beato has some of the best typographic work that I have seen in a while. A complex technical style combined with extremely clean vector illustration skills.

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Paper Record Player

This wedding invitation, designed by Kelli Anderson, includes a paper record player that only requires a little folding and minor elbow grease. I have seen (and posted about too, I think) similar concepts such as the cardboard record player, but this is done very well.. and for a wedding invite! Kelli has some other very nice work, so be sure to check out her site. (via The Egotist)

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Letterheady: a site devoted strictly to examples of letterhead design, some of them dating way back. Keep reading to see some of my favorites from the first few pages, or click the link to see the entire collection. (via Defgrip) Continue reading

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Istruzioni per l’uso

Info graphics, illustration, layout and editorial designs by Italian designer, Francesco Muzzi. He has a nice, classical style of layout and grid usage/design.

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The Daily Deck

The Daily Deck is a cool daily project by Josh Row, the main man behind NoComply skate shop’s identity. Be sure to check out his portfolio and blogs… dope illustrations!

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