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Back to the Start

Here is a two minute spot created for Chipotlé. If you follow the Egotist at all, you know that local Denver creatives are not stoked on the semi-recent brand direction of Chipotlé. They seemed to have gone from a grassroots, straight forward image (think Silver Bullet ads) to a still simple, but ubiquitous style of southwestern style cuisine establishments. For this spot, however, they have chosen to send the message of using natural ingredients, specifically the meat.. the way it used to be and should be. Plus Willie Nelson provides the music. If you don’t like Willie, just leave! (via Denver Egotist)


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A short animation by Steve Cutts. A little morbid, but unfortunately accurate for a lot of people. Never forget to have fun. (via Denver Egotist)

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Maxwell Loren Holyoke Hirsch

Maxwell Loren Holyoke recently had a feature on Grain Edit. Why?  Not just because Maxwell is really awesome guy,  but because his work is also equally as awesome! If you didn’t know… now you do!

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