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John Woo/Star Wars + Fashion

No, John Woo’s not the director of Star Wars. Neither did he direct Broken Arrow or FaceOff. What am I talking about? Of course he did! At least not for this John Woo.. But they certainly have some things in common. They both grew up in Hong Kong and they are really talented. “He Wears It” is his latest series of illustration. Click here to check out his cool website and his other amazing works!



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As you might have guessed, we have love for bikes here at Numbthumbs. We also love beautiful illustration, so naturally the Ride Journal from I Love Dust caught our fancy.

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WAFA Collective AKA We Are Fucking Awesome Collective is true to their name. A collective of artists, poets, musicians and designers living across North America and Europe. Definitely worth a few clicks.

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Redesigning BP’s Logo

Here are some clever BP logo redesigns. Sadly enough, they are much more acurate than the current logo for the earth-destroying money mongering BP. (via Eric Heiman)

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Design Made in Germany

Design made in Germany is an incredible resource for inspiring design works of German origin. It offers a directory, a design show and a magazine. The site it self is really beautiful, I recommend exploring the subtle animations and interactions that give it a very tactile feeling.

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Lyrics To Letters

Combining his love for music and typography, Mico Toledo created the Music Philosophy project. You can even suggest your own favorite song quote for him to illustrate.

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