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50 GD Tips

50 Things Every Graphic Design Student Should Know, by Jamie Wieck. I think it seems pretty relevant for any designer. See the full list here.


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This might be a saying a lot, but André Beato has some of the best typographic work that I have seen in a while. A complex technical style combined with extremely clean vector illustration skills.

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Augmented Reality

Going to have to add a technology category to NT for this one. Aurasma, an app designed by Autonomy, uses “augmented reality” to turn regular printed images into multimedia videos. It uses a pattern recognition platform called IDOL and a vast database to store mass amount of reference images, which are converted to the videos. I guess that this technology has been used for other purposes, but it seems like a really cool idea that could take off pretty quickly.

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(via Defgrip)

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Hovering Art Directors

Know that feeling when someone is hovering over your shoulder, watching you work? Well get used to it, because it never goes away… at least not until YOU’RE the art director. Here’s the proof.

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Paper Record Player

This wedding invitation, designed by Kelli Anderson, includes a paper record player that only requires a little folding and minor elbow grease. I have seen (and posted about too, I think) similar concepts such as the cardboard record player, but this is done very well.. and for a wedding invite! Kelli has some other very nice work, so be sure to check out her site. (via The Egotist)

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Janine Rewell

Helsinki artist Janine Rewell has some very beautiful illustration and elegant design work. (via The Black Harbor)

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