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The Photobook Project

The Photobook Project is a monthly collection of photos i’ve taken, whether it be on my digital, film or point and shoot camera. The aim of The Photobook Project is to somewhat document my photography, as well as a motivation tool to shoot a bit more. I am always more productive when a deadline is involved. I’ve also included some music in there. It’s more or less what i’m listening to at the time.”  It was created by James Wade, who is also a designer. You can see that portion of his work here.



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The Real 100th Post!

It’s finally here! I apologize again for the extremely long delay. So as promised, this post features the work of some very talented people, many of which we at NT know personally, and some of which we would like to know more personally. I would like to thank everyone that submitted work, as well as everyone whose work that I drug on to my desktop for this post; it was done in admiration. I also apologize to anyone who I may have forgotten to get work from. So, to make a long story longer, make the jump to see A LOT of awesome work!

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I Love My Bicycle

This is a documentary by Joe Stakun, that features the American BMX bicycle company, FBM, who has been a major anchor in the BMX world for nearly two decades. They have always stood for what BMX is truly about: riding for the feeling, and having fun the entire time. This sadly is rarer and rarer these days, and not just in BMX. This film is a really awesome portrayal of what it takes to run a genuine bicycle company. Be sure to check out anything FBM related that you can find.  P.S. supposedly the film may only be up for a week, so check it out while you can! APE!!!!!

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Flickr Update

I have been updating my Flickr a lot lately, with all of the photos from this summer. Colorado, Arizona, California, camping, riding, partying, and just having an overall swell time. I’m pretty happy with some of the shots. Check them out here.

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BIKES-Crashing into love by Raoul Paulet

Gotta love Raoul Paulet’s latest short video about bikes—the idea of bike riding being the way to another journey and another life.  Beautiful typography & 3d motion graphics. Be sure to check out his other videos and other cool works on his website!

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As you might have guessed, we have love for bikes here at Numbthumbs. We also love beautiful illustration, so naturally the Ride Journal from I Love Dust caught our fancy.

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Cult Posters

There are some new Cult posters out, featuring the photography of Devon Hutchins. I have a question though: What the hell is the deal with the Cult logo? Continue reading

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