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Hovering Art Directors

Know that feeling when someone is hovering over your shoulder, watching you work? Well get used to it, because it never goes away… at least not until YOU’RE the art director. Here’s the proof.


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Letterheady: a site devoted strictly to examples of letterhead design, some of them dating way back. Keep reading to see some of my favorites from the first few pages, or click the link to see the entire collection. (via Defgrip) Continue reading

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The Daily Deck

The Daily Deck is a cool daily project by Josh Row, the main man behind NoComply skate shop’s identity. Be sure to check out his portfolio and blogs… dope illustrations!

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The Real 100th Post!

It’s finally here! I apologize again for the extremely long delay. So as promised, this post features the work of some very talented people, many of which we at NT know personally, and some of which we would like to know more personally. I would like to thank everyone that submitted work, as well as everyone whose work that I drug on to my desktop for this post; it was done in admiration. I also apologize to anyone who I may have forgotten to get work from. So, to make a long story longer, make the jump to see A LOT of awesome work!

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Creative Meritocracy

Here is a thoughtful article from 99% that touches on the concept/vision of “creative meritocracy.” Under this condition, the most talented creatives, professionals, ideas, etc. would have the best chance of success, based on their talent alone. This sounds like an obvious scenario, but because of things like spec work, crowd sourcing, bureaucratic hiring processes, lack of emphasis on actual creative problem solving, etc. mediocre talent will often take the place of what should be reserved for proper talent. Because of this, both the creative, the client, and the general public suffer from having to experience and interact with bad design and lack of creative processing.

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Yimmyayo: The raddest photo-blog around.

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JoyEngine Running Like a Charm

JoyEngine version 4.0 is now up and running. The new interface organization is really fun to cruise around on.

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