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Siamese Heads

One of the many witty pieces from Siamese Heads Creative Team


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Comic Sans Bites Back

Read the whole article on McSweeny’s

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The poetry of a foot print

The poetic work of Eben Goff.

Via but does it float

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Everything You Need to Know About Satellites

This is Real Art created a 7 part educational video for the satellite manufacturer Astra.

The video has a nice nostalgic tone reminding us of those nail-biting days of the Space Race when the satellite first became such a mysterious and powerful  piece of technology.

If only high school science videos were this beautiful.

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California is a Place

California is loaded. From Disneyland to farmland, we’ve got Scientology and superstars, Silicon and silicone, crips and bloods. The border. Krumpin’ Clownin’ Jerkin’. The surf and the turf. The boom and the bust. California is humanity run amuck and then packaged, branded and sold. California Cuisine, California Love, California Casual, California Gold, California Girls, and of course, California Dreams. If it exists in the world, it exists here and it does so with pizzaz.

Widen and Kennedy Entertainment created a series of short films shedding light on some of the people, places and things that make the golden state what it is in their series, California is a place.

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No need for an explanation.

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Yimmyayo: The raddest photo-blog around.

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