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Yo Momma is a Shitty Designer

Haha, awesome. 55 Hi’s.


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Heineken Pushing the QR Code

Leo Burnette Warsaw came up with a clever idea for a way to use “personalized” QR codes. They debuted this idea for client, Heineken, at the Heineken Open’er Music Festival, where concert goers were able to provide their own message that would be linked to the QR code sticker that was printed out for each individual. Turned out to be a big success. Definitely an eye-opener to how these QR codes could be used in the future. (via Denver Egotists)

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Back to the Start

Here is a two minute spot created for Chipotl√©. If you follow the Egotist at all, you know that local Denver creatives are not stoked on the semi-recent brand direction of Chipotl√©. They seemed to have gone from a grassroots, straight forward image (think Silver Bullet ads) to a still simple, but ubiquitous style of southwestern style cuisine establishments. For this spot, however, they have chosen to send the message of using natural ingredients, specifically the meat.. the way it used to be and should be. Plus Willie Nelson provides the music. If you don’t like Willie, just leave! (via Denver Egotist)

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Hello all! It has been an insanely long time since we have posted anything. Sorry. Work, school and fun in the sun has been taking up all of our damn time! Anyway, we are coming back in hot with this awesome take by Step Cousins on the Skitles commercials. Haha.

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Honest Beer

Newly released television spots by Cultivator Advertising & Design for Breckenridge Brewery out of Colorado. Titled “Truth in Beervertising” these ads tell the truth about a good honest beer, and poke a little fun at the big guy breweries that try to use these gimmicks to sell their crappy beer. Low budget, honest, and clever… as it should be. Make the jump to see the other 3 videos. (via The Egotist) Continue reading

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Face is an intelligence-driven multidisciplinary design studio, based in Monterrey, Mexico whose work range includes design solutions, advertising, editorial projects and custom publishing, corporate identity and brand development.” They did the new identity and site design for Myspace, which I pretty much forgot about, as I’m sure most of you did. It looks and functions much better than the previous design. By the way, if you haven’t already noticed, the image above is a newly available slideshow feature. Going to try it out for a bit to see if we like it or not.

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WKE – Nike Run Fwd:

Digging the typography for the print and motion graphic sections of Nike’s Run Fwd: campaign by Weiden Kennedy. Be sure to make the jump to see the commercial.

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