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Double Vision

Just so happens that there are two individuals with the name Nathan Williams. One is an amazing artist, the other an amazing rider. Click each respective image to find out what is which is who is why?


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Design Facts

I’m sure everyone already knows about Design Facts, but I kind of forgot about it for a while, and was sucked back in by its tractor beam for about an hour. The link is to their Flickr, where you can get the links to their twitter, etc. The image above is of the first message sent into space, design by Carl Sagan and Frank Drake in 1972.

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Julien Vallée

A really good range of handmade work integrated into motion and graphic design by Julien Vallée.

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Adam Hill Interview

Very rare interview with Adam Hill. Some really inspiring work.

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Clayton Brothers

Fuel TV Signature Series short by The Clayton Brothers. So Rad.

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Brisa Elizabeth

Brisa Wendt - Triangles

Brisa (and her work) makes me 🙂  Check that ish out right herrrrrre.

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Just got the newest Lucero album a few days ago… and I must say that I am really digging it. It sounds like a lot of Bruce Springstien type of influences, especially with the newly added horns or trumpets. If you don’t know Lucero, you should.. but you should also listen to some of their older work to get the full appreciation. Overall, thumbs up on the 1372 Overton Park album.

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