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Some very, very nice merging of calligraphy and graffiti hand-style, (just as the title suggests) from SHOE. (via Defgrip; good luck in NY)

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Art of the Grid

Art of the Grid is a really awesome project by Astrid Stavro that focuses on the importance of grids in not only design, but everyday life. The original Grid-It! line of notebooks was developed with Birgit Pfisterer as their final project for the MA in Communication Art & Design at The Royal College of Art, and they are currently available worldwide.

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I Love My Bicycle

This is a documentary by Joe Stakun, that features the American BMX bicycle company, FBM, who has been a major anchor in the BMX world for nearly two decades. They have always stood for what BMX is truly about: riding for the feeling, and having fun the entire time. This sadly is rarer and rarer these days, and not just in BMX. This film is a really awesome portrayal of what it takes to run a genuine bicycle company. Be sure to check out anything FBM related that you can find.  P.S. supposedly the film may only be up for a week, so check it out while you can! APE!!!!!

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Nate Williams

I’m pretty sure that I have posted something about Nate Williams before, but oh well, I really like his work.

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Motion Graphics

Here are two short videos found on the blog Kitsune Noir. The first is “Buildings & Vampires” by directors Sebastian Baptista & Nico Casavecchia. The second is “Bat for Lashes” and was created “as part of a collaboration for TreatStudios, Robin Bushell and Julia Pott, who directed a 20 minute visual projection set to accompany a live performance by Bat for Lashes earlier this year.”

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Some really beautiful motion graphics by MK12, Kansas City, MO. The video demonstrates the possibilities of sounds and phenomes being used to create subliminal messages or to influence the thoughts of a person. Visit Telephoneme to see the site for it, and to download the typeface that was created for the video. (via Black Harbor, which is an awesome collective based out of SF)

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I do not know who is responsible for this, but what the hell?????? The ad is for a gym/workout program by the way. (via Denver Egotist)

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